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Wisconsin State Fair Fiddle Contest United States of America 2016

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Organization : Wisconsin State Fair
Competition Name : 2016 Wisconsin State Fair Fiddle Contest
Applicable For : United States residents
Country : United States of America
Competition Deadline : August 6, 2016
Prize/Win : $200.00

Website :
Rules :

2016 Wisconsin State Fair Fiddle Contest

Deadline : August 6, 2016
** Fiddle Registration, on line or day of competition at noon.
** Two classes; Junior (under 14) competition begins at 2:00PM.

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** Open class, competition, will start directly after the Junior Class.
** There are no age restrictions in the Open Class.

Official Rules :
** All rules and regulations pertaining to competition of the Wisconsin State Fair govern the fiddlers contest as well.
** One accompanist is allowed. A piano will be available. Please, no drums or electric instruments.

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** Two tunes are to be played from memory, contestants are advised to vary their selections in order to provide the judges with the best overview of their abilities.
** Three judges will evaluate each performance.
** Contest is held at the special events stage, located in the Expo Center.

Prizes :
Junior :
** 1st place – $75.00
** 2nd place – $50.00
** 3rd place – $25.00

** 1st place – $200.00
** 2nd place – $100.00
** 3rd place – $75.00
** 4th place – $50.00

Judging Criteria :
** A maximum of 120 points is possible for each tune.
** The specific categories appear below.
** Each category is worth 20 points.
** Rhythm and timing-Judges will look for even, consistent rhythm. Rushing, dragging, or unevenness in performance will result in lost points.

** Creativity- Judges will look for variations, improvisations,and “good licks”.
** Authenticity and Taste- Judges will look for selections of authentic performance styles in each category.
** Expression- Judges will look for the feeling that the contestant puts into his/her performance.
** Flat, mechanical, unfeeling performances will result in lost points.
** Execution- Judges will look for tone quality and clarity. Bad tone or muffled notes will result in lost points.
** Command of instrument- The judges will look for strength and confidence in bowing technique

For further information contact – Danny Nimphius@ 414-248-4150

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