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Army Arts & Crafts Contest United States of America : Joint Base Lewis MWR

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Organization : Joint Base Lewis-McChord Morale Welfare & Recreation
Competition Name : 2016 Army Arts & Crafts Contest
Applicable For : MWR patrons
Country : United States of America
Competition Deadline : 12 August 2016
Prize/Win : $300

Website :
Rules :

2016 Army Arts & Crafts Contest :

Eligibility :
** Authorized MWR patrons (see Army regulation, AR 215-1, chapter 7) are eligible to enter, with the exception of employees of the Army Arts & Crafts program, their family members and other individuals engaged in the development and implementation or direct execution of this promotion, including Army senior leadership and the marketing staff, may not participate in this promotion.

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Two (2) Divisions :
1. Group I – Novice: Individuals whose art skills have not been gained in formal education leading to college credit or a college degree.
2. Group II – Accomplished: Individuals who have gained skills and knowledge through formal courses leading to credit in college or art schools, or received awards in professional competitions.

Ten (10) Categories (within in each Division) :
1. Ceramic Art :
** inorganic and nonmetallic materials that include items like tiles, plates, vases, sculptures, etc. and often cover in decorative stains, glazes, etc.

2. Digital Art :
** artistic work that uses digital technology as an essential part of the creative/presentation process (Digitally altered photographs should be entered in the Army Digital Photo Contest held in October/November.)

3. Drawings :
** instruments may include graphite pencils, pen and ink, markers, wax color pencils, crayons, charcoal, chalk and pastels, etc.

4. Fiber Art :
** art that consists of fiber, textiles and other components, such as fabric or yarn focusing on the materials

5. Glass Art :
** non-crystalline solid material used to create glass art which may include vases, sculpture, glass tile mosaics, ornaments, stained glass, fused glass, jewelry, etc.

6. Metal Art :
** the process of working predominantly with metal to create a wide range of work from sculptures, figurines, kinetic works, metal jewelry, etc.

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7. 2D Mixed Media :
** more than one medium employed and combines various traditionally distinct art medias (i.e., work on canvas that combines paint, ink, and collage)

8. 3D Mixed Media :
** more than one medium, anything that can be handled, touched, or perceived to be 3-dimensional (i.e., object using upcycled/repurposed objects)

9. Paintings :
** apply paint, pigment, color or other medium (i.e., acrylic, oil, ink,gouache, fresco) to surface using brushes, knives, sponges, airbrush, etc.

10. Wood Art :
** wood used in forms of sculpture, craft, construction, and decoration (i.e., furniture, carvings, marquetry, musical instruments, toys, etc.)

How To Enter :
** Participants must complete the online profile and submit photos of the artwork between 12:00 am Central Time (CT) June 13, 2016 and 11:59 pm CT August 12, 2016 at contest website
** Contact your local Garrison POC for garrison specific instructions and additional information.

General Entry Guidelines :
** Participants may enter three artwork per category at the Garrison level.
** Participants may submit up to three images of each piece of 3-Dimensional work (usually front, back and side).
** For 2-dimensional artwork, one image is sufficient and should be a straight-on view.
** Photograph paintings in natural light with no glare. Images should show the art or craft work against a neutral background with no extraneous material.

** Please do not leave prize ribbons from local contests attached to the work when photographing.
** All images of artwork should be sharp and in focus to include close-up details.
** Images should be high resolution jpg files between 150KB and 2MB (maximum size allowed) and high resolution suitable for printing at 300 dpi.

** All submissions must be the original artwork of the entrant, completed within 12 months from the start of the current contest year; artwork entered in previously contest years may not be resubmitted.
** Artwork done as official duty, illustrations, training aids, or similar assignments are not eligible.
** All artwork must have a unique title for identification; “Untitled” is not acceptable as an entry title and will be disqualified.
** Participants should log in and view artwork entries to ensure images have uploaded properly; it is the participants’ responsibility to ensure the photo of the artwork is properly loaded.

Prizes :
** Higher level awards will be conferred as 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and Honorable Mention for each category and group of the contest. Judges are not required to award all prizes in all categories of competition.

Higher level monetary awards will be given to :
** 1st Place – $300
** 2nd Place – $200
** 3rd Place – $100
** All prizes will be awarded to the name listed on the entry form.

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